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Prediction: 1st Drupal contributer in space before 2020

On this summers Chaos Computer Club Camp, Nick Farr made the prediction "First hacker on the moon by 2034". This was widely publicized and ridiculed and even though I love these hackers and rocket enthusiasts spirit I'm not sure what to make of it... I like predictions and love the tradition of new years predictions on drupal.org. After attending Drupalcon London on the way back in the train the thought hit me. With all these commercial space flight ventures popping up, Drupal's growing exponentially for many years now: When do these trends cross and we can all cheer at the first Drupal community member wealthy enough to go where no Drupalist has gone before?

Purge: Clearing Drupal pages from Proxy Caches

For some time I've been working on a little module I named Purge. Here's a little background on that effort and what's it been like to publish and improve it out in the public on drupal.org.

Varnish 3.0 Release Party!

Today we publicly unveil the community website for the Varnish 3.0 Release Party. This was a true community effort and to preempt people who will point fingers at me saying I'm the guy who did it: Let me tell you how this came to be.

Gearing up for DrupalJam 2011

Mark in your Schedule: June 20th 2011 will be the day of DrupalJam 2011. This year it will be hosted the "Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid" in Hilversum. I'm member of the organizing team and will be responsible for the technical side of things. We plan to bring in people from the Network Event Kit so we'll have awesome wifi for attendees and fixed networking for speakers.
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